What we do:

Design & Layout of:

  • Powerpoint presentations, slideshows and Adobe Acrobat PDF files for distribution
  • Small documents such as advertisements, business cards, stationary, flyers and brochures
  • Larger projects such as books, magazines, newsletters, educational and promotional material and their covers
  • Business materials such as forms, diagrams and charts
  • Creation and maintenence of web pages including banners and graphics
  • Creation of Acrobat PDF files for distribution
  • Other miscellaneous projects such as posters, calenders, maps and games


  • Hand drawn original illustrations and artwork
  • Image editing
  • Computer drawn graphics, clipart, maps and diagrams
  • Conversion of hand drawn or hard copy graphics to digital (bitmap or vector) format.


We mainly use Adobe Indesign for layouts; Photoshop for image editing; CorelDraw and Illustrator for vector illustrations; and Powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat for presentations.